New Technology

New Tech in Natural Stones Manufecturing

New Technology Advantages

1) While the weight of a 1 m2 natural stone with a thickness of 3 cm equals to 81 kg and the weight of 1 m2 natural stone with a thickness of 2 cm equals to 54 kg, the weight of a 1 m2 stone is reduced to 10 kg with the New Technology.

2) In transportation, while 450 m2 natural stone with a thickness of 2 cm is loaded on one truck, up to 2000 m2 natural stones can be loaded on the same truck thanks to the New Technology. As one truck will be able to carry more products, the transportation costs will be 4 times less.

3) A natural stone with a thickness of 3 cm is applied on the exterior, by using mechanical system, which costs TRY 200 per m2 (excluding the stones). The application cost for the exterior coating is reduced by one-fourth (excluding the stones) through the New Technology.

4) When a product with a thickness of 2 cm is derived from a block of 1 ton in weight, the resulting product equals to 10 m2 in size. When the New Technology is used, on the other hand, the resulting product derived from a block of 1 ton in weight equals to 40 m2 in size. As a consequence, the reserves of the quarries increases by 4 times, which leads to more conscious consumption of natural resources and gives the opportunity to pass our natural resources to the next generations.

5) The earthquake risk is high in numerous countries, particularly in Turkey. Another important aspect in case of earthquakes is the weight of the buildings. Thanks to the New Technology, the load on the building is reduced by 5 times including the natural stones. By this way, the potential risk of casualties in Turkey, which suffered from a high number of earthquakes due to its tectonic structure, is minimized.

6) 2 mm of natural stone can be applied on a pearlite of 1 cm in thickness, in order to minimize energy loss in structures. The heat and sound insulation properties of the building are ensured by this means, which reduces energy Consumption.

7) A lot more aesthetic looks are achieved in our products combined with glass, by making use of non-opacity characteristic of certain stones due to their thin structure. Natural beauties of stones can, therefore, be better displayed.

8) Natural stones obtained by using the New Technology can be used in several fields, such as internal and external coating for buildings, jacketing, flooring, furniture sector and yacht sector etc., by combining them with materials like Ceramics, Wood, Pearlite, Beton, Aluminum Honeycomb, Glass, Aluminum Composite and Acoustic Panel.

New Stone Technology