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Natural stone is the oldest and most stable construction material known to human kind. There’s nothing more natural or more breathtaking than the beauty of natural stone.

ROJ STONE GROUP has started the industry as with installation in 1996 and later quarry owning in 2005.

And we would like to extend this beauty to use for whole world. We are honored to state that ROJ STONE GROUP is a company supplying and exporting from quarries & factories from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Egypt, China, South Korea, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Greece, Italy & Romania. As an expert in travertine, marble & onyx, we offers prestigious selections of blocks, slabs and tiles.

With more than 8 years experience our company has an extensive expertise in sourcing and specifying practical needs of its cooperators. It is passionate about natural stone and the invaluable contribution it has made to the architecture throughout history.

We also offer an extensive range of products for interior design. We think that the main principle of the continuity is to manufacture natural stone to create attracting and long lasting environments where people want to live and work. For this reason natural stone products used in design and appearance of the building have an important role. Using natural stone in your home is an investment you can enjoy day after day, year after year. Offering a travertine that’s exactly right for your home or workplace will enhance beauty and value of them over the years.

We always consider environmental, social and economical effects of the products that we quarry and offer. Well basis, both financially and environmentally. There really is nothing quite like the timeless quality of natural stone and we pride ourselves in providing a first class service to help you to choose a product that’s exactly right for you.


Our mission is to supply rough beauties in Natural Stone World. As a part of this mission we assume the following responsibilities in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Greece, Italy, Romania and China.

  • To process the natural stones as a form of slabs.
  • To process the natural stones as a form of tile.
  • To supply the quarry stones as a block.
  • To supply the products of other manufacturers as a supplement of our products diversity.

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