A Diverse Range Of Onyx, Travertine, Granite & Marble Stones

Travertine Natural Stone


Iran is famous for its premium quality lime stones. Our mining shares and supply network is spread across all the main travertine quarries including Mahallat, Abbass Abad, Atash Kooh and Badabe Surt.


Marble stone is a most beautiful building and sculpture material, since historical times. While getting even more admire in modern construction themes. We discover the hidden beauties of nature and bring to you the quality marble stone in shape of blocks and slabs.

Taj Mahal Marble Stone
Onyx : Art of Nature


Onyx Stone is a banded diversity of chalcedony, used as a construction material. With a great diversity in colors and shades. Onyx can have the most amazing texture features. We can call onyx stone as an art canvas of nature.


Natural stone is the oldest and most stable construction material known to human kind. There’s nothing more natural or more breathtaking than the beauty of natural stone. Roj Stone Group has started the industry as with installation in 1996 and later quarry owning in 2005.

Roj Stone Group

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